West Nile Virus



In January 2018, the Beaver County Conservation District took over the West Nile Virus program from Penn State Extension. The program encompasses the entirety of Beaver County. The program runs from the end of April until the end of September, unless it is an extremely bad mosquito season. Then it may run until the middle of October.


Larval control work is done in April in an attempt to curtail early adult populations. This control work continues throughout the surveillance season. Treatments will be applied to areas that show a high larval population with special focus on county parks, sewage treatment plants, or areas that have produced high nuisance populations in the past. Also, the program involves the setting of two different types of mosquito traps in various locations throughout the county, and on the following day after the traps are set, the mosquitos are gathered and shipped to a lab to test for West Nile Virus. Depending on the readings from the traps, and following the guidelines of the County Pesticide Discharge Management Plan (PDMP), several methods may be used to eradicate the mosquito population. Backpack-equipped Low Volume (LV) barrier treatments can be done during the day. If however it is warranted, a truck-mounted (ULV) treatment will be done in the evenings at dusk. The District is also responsible for answering and handling any complaint calls received in regards to mosquito nuisances.

Lastly, we are involved with Education and Habitat Reduction through education. In 2018, this was accomplished by partnering with the Independence Conservancy’s tire collection program. While at the tire collections, we passed out dunks and informational brochures to the public and also spoke with them to educate the public on ways to eliminate breeding sites for mosquitos.

For more information please visit: DEP West Nile Virus Control Program


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