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Today we invite you to participate in a survey,

(go to survey:  which is designed to help us gauge how agroforestry is being practiced across Pennsylvania. Your responses can help DCNR understand need in order to assist in broader adoption of agroforestry practices.


About the survey

Agroforestry describes a suite of practices that combine trees with annual or perennial crops and/or livestock to provide economic and ecological benefits to farmers and forest landowners across the landscape.  There are five broadly recognized agroforestry practices. How it is practiced depends on landowners’ interests and production goals, as well as existing conditions:


  1. Riparian forest buffers: permanent stands of trees/shrubs planted along streams or water bodies

  2. Windbreaks and shelterbelts: rows of trees/shrubs planted and managed as part of a crop or livestock operation to control soil erosion, manage snow drift, or provide other benefits.

  3. Alley cropping: agricultural or horticultural crops cultivated between rows of crop trees

  4. Silvopasture: a combination of trees/shrubs, forage, and livestock simultaneously and intentionally managed to enhance production

  5. Forest farming: combination of trees/shrubs managed to shelter          shade-tolerant specialty crops (such as ginseng, ramps, fiddleheads, and mushrooms).


This survey builds on information learned in a 2004 Penn State survey of Pennsylvania farmers and forest landowners. This survey revealed that many respondents were interested in implementing agroforestry practices on their land but lacked the information and access to technical support to do so.


In response to this need for assistance, Penn State partnered with DCNR, USDA, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, and producers across the state to conduct trainings and peer-to-peer education about agroforestry.


This 2020 survey will help us gage to the success of these efforts and help direct future support. We have preliminary good news, in that the 2017 Census of Agriculture, Pennsylvania ranked number one in the country for respondents that practice agroforestry on their farms! 


Here is a link to the online survey:


Please take a few minutes (15 or so) to help us focus our outreach and education programs!


Many thanks to you as participants, and to the Pennsylvania Forestry Association and the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau for their support of this survey!


Tracey Coulter - Agroforestry Coordinator, DCNR