The Beaver County Conservation District has purchased an 8’ Truax FLEXII 812RD No-Till drill that is available for rent to interested farmers in Beaver County.

The purpose of the Conservation District’s drill rental program is to encourage and assist farmers in implementing no-till crop production systems, including cover crops, as well as promote good pasture management. No-till involves planting the seed directly into the soil without plowing, tilling, or disking. There are many advantages to this type of farming, including the saving of the operator’s time and money. Above all, it is much healthier for the soil, building soil structure, adding to the organic matter, feeding the beneficial microorganisms, reducing soil loss from erosion, increasing infiltration – and the list goes on – all helping to increase yields due to optimal soil conditions.


The drill will be available from the Conservation District on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost to rent is a $50 deposit to be put on the schedule for a 3-day rental plus $12/acre for 1-10 planted acres or $10/acre for more than 10 planted acres. A 50 hp or larger tractor and one set of hydraulic remotes is required for operating the drill, and a heavy duty (3/4 ton or larger) truck is required for transport. The drill is equipped with three seed boxes (cool season, small seed, and fluffy seed) with agitators, a tongue caster wheel hitch, and 12 staggered disc openers.

The District has recently changed its policy and will deliver the drill to farmers.


Drill Brochure


Rental agreement


Instructions for use



Once we recieve a signed rental agreement and $50 deposit, we can put you on the schedule.


Richard Voytko

Agricultural Conservationist