Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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Erosion Control Workshop 2022
Tuesdays & Thursdays in February 
Six-Part Virtual Workshop

During the winter, Allegheny County Conservation District holds an annual Erosion Control Workshop, teaming up with other local Districts, DEP, and professionals. This year, Beaver County Conservation District will be joining Allegheny, Butler, and Washington Conservation Districts in holding this annual event in February 2022 as a six-part webinar series. The webinars will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00PM, starting on February 1st and running through February 17th. Participants will earn one credit hour of Professional Development Hours per session they attend, and Certificates of Completion will be emailed to them. This year’s lineup of webinars include the following topics:


Common BMP Issues and How to Fix Them (Feb. 1st):

           Speaker: Jason Singer (JASE Construction Services, LLC)


NPDES Construction Stormwater: Planning to Completion (Feb. 3rd):

           Speakers: Ian Harrell (Butler CCD) and Todd Thornburg                                         (Washington CCD)


City of Pittsburgh: Stormwater Code Update (Feb 8th):

           Speaker: James Stitt (PWSA)


Chapter 105 and PASPGP-6 (Feb 10th):

           Speakers: Heather Humbert and Jen Linebaugh

                             (Beaver CCD)


Major Project Overview: Mon Fayette Expressway (Feb 15th):

           Speaker: David Cutlip (The Markosky Engineering Group, Inc.)


PADEP Regulatory Updates (Feb 17th):

          Speaker: Dana Drake (PA DEP)

For more details on listed topics and information on registration, please visit:

Upcoming Events

2021 BCCD Board Meetings



January 14 - February - 11 - March 11 - April 8 - May 13 - June 10 - July 8 - August 12 - September 9 - October 14 - November 11 - December 9 

Start Time: 10:00AM

The public may attend via zoom link if requested from the district.

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Mission Statement

The Beaver County Conservation District provides leadership in natural resource management through outreach, education, and technical assistance.

BCCD Trail Map


Orienteering Map

Level: Beginner


Farmer Survey - Beaver County

Beaver County farmers are invited to take a short survey to help the Conservation District provide better service to our farming community. This brief survey will ask some basic questions to help the District understand the needs of the farm community. Please take this survey and pass along the link to other farmers in Beaver County.

Early in 2021, a new project was taking shape at the Beaver County Conservation District. Covid-19 had limited our outreach capabilities in 2020, and despite starting a new YouTube Channel last year, we still found ourselves wanting to expand our educational efforts to a broader audience of Beaver County’s residents. As Covid continued to influence public education practices across the state, we began work on a new outreach medium, a Mobile Education Center.....


Farm Equipment for Rent
Beaver County Farmers

​8’ Truax FLEXII 812RD No-Till Drill 

The purpose of the drill rental program is to encourage and assist farmers in implementing no-till crop production systems, including cover crops, as well as promote good pasture/forage management. Reducing tillage can improve soil health and farm economics. Renting this drill provides farmers with a low-cost opportunity to try no-till planting and determine if it can be an asset to their farm management.

Stoltzfus Redhawk 40 Spreader 

This is a 4 ton spreader (5 ton with installed extensions). It can be rented for $6.00 per ton to spread your ag lime. Lime is used to adjust the ph. of your soil. Proper ph. can improve soil fertility and provide optimum yields. If you conduct soil testing and apply lime to soil test recommendations the cost can be reduced to $5.00 per ton. 

For more information on our farm equipment rental program please contact Rich Voytko at 724-378-1701 or


Dirt Gravel and Low Volume Roads 
2021 Project Showcase


Powell Road, New Sewickley Township

New Sewickley Township completed a low volume roads project on Powell Road. It included the stabilization of a land slide and the installation of inlet boxes that have proper headwalls/end walls and underdrain. Pictured to the right is a head wall that was installed to stabilize the bank around the new inlet box.

Echo Valley Road, Darlington Township

Darlington Township completed a low volume roads project on Echo Valley Road. It included the installation of underdrain and inlet boxes with proper stabilization and end walls. Pictured to the right is the outlet of one of the crosspipes with a proper end wall.


Mack Hollow Road, Hanover Township

Hanover Township completed a dirt and gravel road project on Mack Hollow Road. It included the installation of underdrain and inlet boxes that have proper end walls and stabilization. Pictured to the right is the underdrain that was installed.

mack hollow.png