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Spring 2024

The mission of the Beaver County Conservation District is to provide leadership in natural resource management through outreach, education, and technical assistance. As part of the district, beaver county vector-borne disease control program focuses on mosquito and tick surveillance, vector management, and public outreach/education. while insects have benefits, such as being part of the food web and acting as pollinators for plants; ticks and mosquitoes can be a biting nuisance and more importantly transmit diseases that can make you sick. the beaver county vector-borne disease control program collects samples of tick and mosquito population from beaver county communities to assess disease transmission potential.

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Mosquitoes in Beaver County

May has been a busy month for mosquitoes in Beaver County. The unpredictable weather has made for challenging surveillance and control. Beaver County had the first reported West Nile Positive mosquito sample in the state of Pennsylvania this year, and one of the earlier reported West Nile Virus mosquito traps for the season. In May, we set 68 gravid traps and collected over 10,700 mosquitoes!


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Upcoming Events

2024 BCCD Board Meetings



The Beaver County Conservation District regular monthly board meetings are held at 10:00 AM the 2nd Friday of each month unless it falls on a holiday, then it is the 3rd Friday of the month. The meeting is open to the public and if you would like to attend virtually, please contact the district for a Zoom link.

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Mission Statement

The Beaver County Conservation District provides leadership in natural resource management through outreach, education, and technical assistance.

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TICKS in Beaver County

Tick surveillance also began in April with 5 tick drags conducted and 18 ticks collected and submitted for testing and identification.Any questions related to mosquito concerns or mosquito disease like West Nile Virus, contact us at the office 724-378-1701 ext. 222.


2024 Tire Collection Day Results

On April 13th, our tire collection event was held at the Beaver County Conservation District with help from funding through the PA DEP West Nile Program. Over 1,000 tires were collected this year! The Beaver County Mosquito Vector Disease Program extends our thanks to everyone who participated and helped reduce mosquito breeding habitat in Beaver County neighborhoods.


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Level: Beginner



The Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) program is designed to enhance farm production and protect natural resources by enabling farmers, landowners, and businesses to earn Pennsylvania state income tax credits in exchange for implementing water quality "Best Management Practices" (BMPs).

The Commission will begin accepting 2023-24 REAP Applications on Monday, August 7th, 2023, on a first-come, first-served basis. Attached, you will find the new REAP Guidelines and Application packet. The REAP Guidelines and Application can also be found on the program’s webpage: PA Department of Agriculture - REAP Program

Contact the district manager Jeff Pflug at 724-378-1701 x210 or via email at if you have any questions regarding the REAP program.  Follow this link for an informative video from a recent REAP workshop held by the district:

2023 Annual Report

Want to know what BCCD has accomplished in 2023? Check out our annual report to find out what we did last year! 

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