Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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My name is Noah Stoudt and I am currently a Boy Scout with Troop 766 of Brighton Township. I am also working toward my Eagle Scout rank. To become an Eagle Scout, scouts are required to complete an Eagle Project that demonstrates their leadership skills and provides community service. For my Eagle Project, I decided to help the Beaver County Conservation
District by repairing benches. Before I started my project, the benches were in poor condition. The wooden boards were decayed and splintering. In addition, there were bolts protruding from the existing bench frames.


Some of the existing bench frames were able to be reused. For these benches, the scouts and I dismantled the seating area, wire brushed the metal frame, repainted the frame, and replaced the existing wood and hardware. Other benches needed more extensive repairs. One bench was leaning backwards. As a result, I decided to dig up the bench and create new concrete footings to make the bench level. Another bench had a bent frame. Because of this bend, the bench was not able to be used. As a result, I decided to cut off the bent part of the frame. The scouts and I then attached a new metal bar to the existing frame to replace the bent piece. After these repairs, the benches were refurbished the same as the other benches. I also wanted to add a new bench to the Conservation District. As a result, the scouts and I constructed a new bench on the Upper Wetlands Trail. In addition to the benches, the scouts and I power washed and leveled an Adirondack chair along the trail. In all, 6 benches were repaired, one new bench was created, and one Adirondack chair was refurbished.


Keep yourself and your family safe this summer from West Nile Virus by protecting yourself during outdoor activities.

Wear light-colored long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

Wear EPA registered insect repellent.

Be sure to remove any standing water that can breed mosquitoes on your property. Check containers that can hold water like toys, tires, tarps, and unused kiddie pools.

For more information, check out the DEP West Nile Virus Control Program website


Culex pipens


Aedes albopictus

BCCD started construction of the Raccoon Creek Streambank Stabilization Growing Greener Grant project in Independence Township. This project will  reduce erosion, reduce sedimentation, provide aquatic habitat, and improve water quality by restoring bank stability. This project  uses  natural stream channel design structures and habitat friendly in-stream structures. A series of five rock and log j-hook vanes with attached root wads have been installed. Live stakes will be planted in the fall to complete the project.  This project will also protect a public walking trail that is located along Raccoon Creek.....


BCCD Searching for an Associate Director

BCCD is looking for Associate Directors. If you are interested in becoming one, please

(Click here)for more information. 

Bags & Blessings partnered with Beaver County Conservation District, Beaver County Commissioners, Beaver County Recreation and Tourism, Beaver County Department of Public Works, and Lake Forest Gardens to make this project possible.  

This program offers a unique way to memorialize or honor someone. An individual tree memorial is a tall tribute to a loved one; as part of a forest, the memorials will serve a purpose much bigger than themselves. They will create healthy ecosystems and stunning park for all to cherish. 

The tree plantings will occur twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. The trees start as 10' trees in a burlap ball that are well established to ensure their health and longevity. A permanent map will be installed to note the location of each of these special trees.

Please feel free to contact our Event Director, Brandee Cercone with any questions by emailing her at


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