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Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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BCCD Fall 2022 Newsletter
Beaver Tales

Rain Barrel Workshop

On September 15, 2022 the district    presented a rain barrel workshop.     Workshop participants learned about the link between water quality and nonpoint source pollution and how their actions affect the watershed. Susan Boser, Penn State Extension Water Educator,          presented a program focusing on           watersheds, nonpoint source pollution and stormwater BMPs. Participants received a free rain barrel and kit and also learned how to put together their rain barrel.

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Become a PA Master Naturalist

Calling all Nature Nerds: Master Naturalist Training Course Offered in Spring 2023

Final deadline to apply is February 1, 2023

Upcoming Events

2022 BCCD Board Meetings



January 13 - February 10 - March 10 - April 14 - May 12 - June 9 - July 14 - August 11 - September 8 - October 13 - November 17 - December 8 

Start Time: 10:00AM

The public may attend via zoom link if requested from the district.

2023 Southwest PA Soil Health Conference

January 25, 2023

9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Soybean Research and Management Meeting

January 23, 2023

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Hay Production Workshop

March 14, 2023

10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

2023 Erosion Control Workshop

Allegheny County Conservation District

Tuesdays and Thursdays In February at 12pm

2022 Coloring Contest

Congratulations to our 2022 Coloring Contest winners!!! Prizes will be mailed to the schools/teachers of these students this week.

The 2022 Coloring Contest invited Beaver County students in grades 1-3 to color a beaver in its habitat. Judging criteria included accuracy, completeness, neatness, and creative interpretation. We had 863 entries this year.

Thank you to all the students, teachers, and schools who participated!

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Get Involved

Mission Statement

The Beaver County Conservation District provides leadership in natural resource management through outreach, education, and technical assistance.

BCCD Trail Map


Orienteering Map

Level: Beginner

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Eagle Scout Project - Duck Boxes

Hi, my name is Dalton Prevost from Boy Scout Troop 414 in Economy PA. I have been involved with scouts ever since I was a tiger cub scout. This spring, I reached out to the Beaver County Conservation District for an Eagle Project. They were happy to have me, and I am happy that I got to do my Eagle Project with them. Throughout this summer and fall I completed my project. My Eagle Project included the removal of all the duck boxes on the property, the refurbishment of five of those duck boxes, and the construction of five new duck boxes. I installed the new and refurbished boxes closer to the water on the property. As someone who appreciates ducks and all wildlife, and giving back to the community, I had a lot of fun and pride in this project. Doing this project with the Conservation District allowed me to learn a lot about leadership and taking action in my own community. I am thankful for the opportunity that the Beaver County Conservation District provided and happy to provide new homes for the wood ducks in the area. 


Eagle Scout Project at the District

Hello, I am Eric Larson from Troop 766 and I have been a Scout for 11 years. During this past summer I began my Trail to Eagle which has included organizing and constructing five picnic benches for the Beaver County Conservation District. My trail began with wanting to give back to a community resource where the public is able to enjoy and learn about the natural resources in our area. I have learned quite a bit through various learning curves such as fundraising, time management, construction, and communication. I believe that these benches will be standing strong to serve the community for many years to come. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to give back.


Pennsylvania Landowners Guide to Utility-Scale Solar Leasing

This guide is intended to inform landowners on terminology, background information, and considerations to make when approached to lease their land for utility-scale solar.

2021 Annual Report

Want to know what BCCD has accomplished in 2021? Check out our annual report to find out what we did last year! 

2021 annual report.PNG
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