Chapter 102 Erosion and Sediment Control and

Chapter 105 Water Obstructions and Encroachments:


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County conservation districts in Pennsylvania assist the Department of Environmental Protection administer Chapters 102 and 105 of the state’s Environmental Laws by conducting various permit application reviews, guiding voluntary compliance, and conducting routine and complaint inspections. Chapter 102 covers earth disturbance in preparation for development, and Chapter 105 deals with the crossing or encroachment of wetlands and waterways.


Permit Application Cover Pages: Adequacy Review (PDF link)

These two pages should be included with any and all permit applications submitted to the Beaver County Conservation District.


Beaver County Permit Application Fees Schedule (PDF link)

See this PDF for the costs associated with each permit type and acreage of disturbed land.

Program Contact: Jen Linebaugh | Resource Conservationist

                         Heather Humbert | Environmental Educator/Resource Conservationist

Chapter 102 Permit Applications:


Effective August 20, 2019, the Beaver County Conservation District (BCCD) is no longer authorized to accept new applications for permits or new E&S plans under Chapter 102.  All such applications and plans must be submitted to DEP’s Southwest Regional Office (DEP), Waterways and Wetlands Program (400 Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4745).


ATTENTION! New NOI forms for NPDES permits have now been released. See the links below for the updated forms.


All earth disturbance activities equal to or greater than 5,000 square feet are required to have a written Erosion & Sediment Control Plan. If earth disturbance is equal to or greater than 1 acre, a permit must be obtained from either the Conservation District or the DEP.


DEP E&S Resources:


DEP Construction Stormwater Page:


NPDES General Permit Application NOI:


Individual NPDES Permit Application: Requires review coordination with DEP


Chapter 102 Permit Modules:

Small Projects E&S Plan Template: Please don’t forget to include the Adequacy Review (Cover Sheets) posted above with this application. (Small Projects E&S Plan Template)


Timber Harvest Plan Template: Check municipal ordinances for timber harvest permit requirements in Beaver County.

Other Useful Forms: Includes Liability Release forms, Co-Permittee Acknowledgement forms, County and Municipality Notification forms, Visual Site Inspection forms, and Pre-application Meeting Request forms.

Notice of Termination Forms:

USDA’s Web Soil Survey: Click the green “Start WSS” button to start mapping your project area.

PNDI Receipts: (Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory) Needed for CHP 102 NPDES Permit Applications, CHP 102 Individual Permit Applications, and CHP 105 General Permit Applications.

Chapter 105 Permit Applications:


A Chapter 105 General Permit is required for work done in wetlands or crossing or encroaching upon a stream, river, or other waterway. This includes, but is not limited to, bank stabilization projects, sand/gravel bar removal, and creation of fish habitat by landowners.


Please use the link below to learn about General Permit categories and determine which type(s) of GP your project will require. Permit fees are determined by GP type and E&S requirements are based on the Chapter 93 Designated Water Use of the waterway or wetland.

Chapter 105 General Permit Applications:


Does your project also need an E&S Plan? See the Chapter 102 links to the left!


Chapter 93 Designated Water Uses Watersheds Map: