All farming operations that land apply manure or agricultural process wastewater, whether they generate the manure or import it from another operation, must have a written Manure Management Plan. All farming operations that include an Animal Concentration Area (ACA) or pasture must have a written Manure Management Plan.


You may request a full, FREE copy of the Manure Management Plan Guidance Manual: Land Application of Manure through the Beaver County Conservation District by contacting the District's Nutrient Management Specialist


More info:
The Basics of Manure Management Requirements - Penn State Extension



The Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Act Program, Act 38 of 2005, requires all high-density animal operations that are considered to be Concentrated Animal Operations (CAOs) or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) to develop and implement an approved Nutrient Management Plan.


The District's Nutrient Management Specialist can help you determine if your operation needs a nutrient management plan. You don't have to be a CAO or CAFO to participate in the program; you can do so on a volunteer basis as well. Doing so provides limited liability protection and can fulfill requirements to participate in certain financial aid programs.


All Nutrient Management Plans must be written by a certified planner. Contact the district Nutrient Management Specialist for a list of plan writers in your area.



The District offers free soil testing for a limited number of fields to landowners to help identify your particular soil nutrient needs.


Where can I get a soil testing kit?

Beaver County's Penn State Extension makes them available for sale.


What methods should I use when taking a soil sample?

Check out - Penn State's Agricultural Analytical Services lab soil sampling instructions

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Richard Voytko

Agricultural Conservationist