Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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Autumn Wetland 2020
Autumn Wetland 2020

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Hello, I am Eric Larson from Troop 766 and I have been a Scout for 11 years. During this past summer I began my Trail to Eagle which has included organizing and constructing five picnic benches for the Beaver County Conservation District. My trail began with wanting to give back to a community resource where the public is able to enjoy and learn about the natural resources in our area. I have learned quite a bit through various learning curves such as fundraising, time management, construction, and communication. I believe that these benches will be standing strong to serve the community for many years to come. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to give back.


Interested in discussing the links amongst energy development, groundwater quality and public health? Participate in upcoming focus groups organized by Penn State researchers!

Registration: To register, please fill out this form:

Or, get in touch with Dr. Jennifer Baka, the Principal Investigator or Owen Harrington, a Penn State Graduate Student in Geography who will be helping to conduct the focus groups.

Dr. Baka:, 814-865-9656

Mr. Harrington:

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Upcoming Events

2022 BCCD Board Meetings



January 14 - February - 11 - March 11 - April 8 - May 13 - June 10 - July 8 - August 12 - September 9 - October 14 - November 11 - December 9 

Start Time: 10:00AM

The public may attend via zoom link if requested from the district.

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Mission Statement

The Beaver County Conservation District provides leadership in natural resource management through outreach, education, and technical assistance.

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Level: Beginner

Summer is officially here, and the Beaver County West Nile Virus vector-borne disease control program  surveillance season is in full swing.  We have responded to 2 mosquito calls of concern and 2 dead bird concern calls.  We are continuing larval collection and control throughout the county and have performed 3 adult mosquito control events via backpack application.

BG Sentinel surveillance began June 1st at various fixed sites to monitor the presence of the Asian Tiger Mosquito in the county.  At this time, we have deployed approximately 104 gravid traps and 8 BG Sentinel traps and have collected over 7,500 adult mosquitoes.  Although there have been several positive West Nile Virus mosquito traps found in parts of Pennsylvania, the test results confirm there are NO positive results for West Nile in Beaver County at this time.

Surveillance will continue throughout the season until October of this year.

As the weather heats up and is unpredictable, we want to remind everyone to stay mosquito aware this summer by wearing EPA approved repellents for mosquitoes and ticks.  Please visit the EPA website for more information on the correct repellent for you

Drain any containers that may hold water for longer periods of time after rain events. Check birdbaths, dog water bowls, kiddie pools regularly and refresh the water to keep it mosquito larvae free.

For other areas that can’t be dumped or drained, they can be treated with Bti products like mosquito dunks that can be purchased at home improvement, and garden retail stores.

Any questions related to West Nile Virus or mosquito concerns, please contact us at the Beaver County Conservation District  724-378-1701 ext. 222

Have a great summer!!


Pennsylvania Landowners Guide to Utility-Scale Solar Leasing

This guide is intended to inform landowners on terminology, background information, and considerations to make when approached to lease their land for utility-scale solar.

The Beaver County Conservation District held a spring tire collection event on April 1st and April 2nd at the district office. We accepted light truck and car tires up to 20” off rim at a cost of $2.50 per tire. This discounted price was possible through the West Nile Virus Grant for education and habitat reduction. We collected over 1,000 tires during the 2-day event.


2022 Environmental Education Donation Request

The Beaver County Conservation District is seeking donations to support our environmental education offerings for students and families here in Beaver County. We divide these educational offerings into three categories: 1. the annual Envirothon, 2. our new Mobile Education Center, and 3. our environmental programs. Your support helps to ensure that students in Beaver County continue to have access to hands-on environmental education programs and get to experience new learning opportunities in their own communities! For more information please see the link below!                                                                                                                    


2021 Annual Report

Want to know what BCCD has accomplished in 2021? Check out our annual report to find out what we did last year! 

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