On November 19, 2010, additions and changes to long-standing PA Chapter 102 regulations addressing Erosion and Sediment (E&S) Control and Stormwater Management took effect.

All farms are required to develop and implement a written plan to reduce erosion when plowing and tilling (including no-till cropping). Chapter 102 always (since 1972) stated plowing and tilling needed a conservation plan; now Animal Heavy Use Areas (AHUAs) are also covered by a conservation plan or Ag E&S plan also.

AHUAs are defined as “barnyards, feedlots, loafing areas, exercise lots or other similar areas on agricultural operations where, due to the concentration of animals, it is not possible to establish and maintain vegetative cover of a density capable of minimizing accelerated erosion and sedimentation by usual planting methods.”

The Basics of Ag E&S requirements - via Penn State Extension


A free online tool to help farmers meet the regulatory requirements for Conservation and Nutrient Management planning. This tool is very helpful in generating high quality maps that are required for Ag E&S plans as well as Manure Management Plans. The District can help create your maps - just give us a call.

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AG E&S Control Manual

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Agricultural Conservationist