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Mission Statement:

The Beaver County Conservation District provides leadership in natural resource management through outreach, education, and technical assistance.



In 1945, Pennsylvania state legislators recognized the need to support grassroots conservation efforts. As a result, the Conservation District law, Act 217, was passed authorizing the creation of county conservation districts. Today there is a conservation district established in every Pennsylvania county, except Philadelphia.


The Beaver County Conservation District is led by a Board of Directors made up of three farmers, three public representatives, and one Beaver County commissioner. These volunteers study natural resource issues in the county and make decisions which enhance and protect the urban and farming communities in areas of natural resources.


The Beaver County Conservation District is supported locally by the Beaver County Commissioners, the PA Department of Environmental Protection, and the PA Department of Agriculture.


The Beaver County Conservation District provides technical assistance to farmers and engineers, school programs, and community outreach programs. The District owns and maintains an environmental center on 80 acres with 30 acres of wetlands in Independence Township. In addition, they sponsor a number of annual events and programs.

Interested in hunting on the Beaver County Conservation Districts property?

Hunting on District Property is limited SHOTGUN and ARCHERY hunters only. NO RIFLE HUNTING is permitted on the property.  Waterfowl hunting on the wetlands is limited to 4 hunters at one time. No exceptions! Hunters are requested to “sign up” with the date and expected time they will be hunting the wetland, (hunters should indicate: MORNING, EVENING, or BOTH). ALL HUNTERS requesting permission MUST leave their NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and HOME ADDRESS before given approval.


To request permission, please contact the district at (724) 378-1701.

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